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Our politicians, purveyers of inequality

"The ordaining of laws in favor of one part of the nation, to
the prejudice and oppression of another, is certainly the most
erroneous and mistaken policy. An equal dispensation of protection,
rights, privileges, and advantages, is what every part is entitled
to, and ought to enjoy."

-- Benjamin Franklin (Emblematical Representations, Circa 1774)

Reference: The Works of Benjamin Franklin, Sparks, ed. (457)

This is an interesting quote to consider when billions of our dollars (our as taxpayers) are going to bail out failing companies. Why are we propping up Freddy and Fanny and AIG? Why are we letting the Federal Reserve devalue our money (thus stealing from us via inflation) to prop up public companies? This is welfare of the highest order. This is money coming from joe blow American taxpayer to make good the bonds and stock owned by any number of people or institutions world wide.

Why is it that politicians on one side are willing to steal out of my pocket to give tax breaks and "incentives" to big businesses (while my little biz never gets a break or a dime) and politicians on the other side will steal out of my pocket to give health care, education and tax cuts to the poor?

What happened to all people and businesses being equal before the law? What happened to "thou shalt not steal"?

Fredric Bastiat wrote "Government is the great fiction through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else." This seems to sum up a great amount of the politics of today. While each of us as Christians has a responsibility individually to other Christians and then to reach out to others in need (Ja 1:27, Deut 27:19, Deut 15:11), can anyone point out to me where the Bible says I can take money from my neighbor to give to those in need? Why then will we vote for politicians who take money from some to give to others? This is a blatant violation of "thou shalt not steal" no matter how good the cause!

This election, lets make sure we let our politicians know that taxing and redistributing is nothing but the majoring stealing from the minority and we have had enough of it!