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Our politicians, warmongers

Often today we hear debate over whether it was right or good for the USA to invade Iraq. Similar to the Vietnam war, those on the left largely oppose the US occupation of Iraq and those on the right generally support it. In keeping with this divide, our major party candidates for president fall down these same lines. But are they really that much different when it comes down to it? Are the Democrats really less interventionist? Do we have Obama and McCain running for office or just J McBama and B McBama?

While it is clear that J McBama is quite willing to entertain a new cold war with Russia and confrontation with Iran, B McBama’s views aren’t quite as well known. Let’s consider a statement in a speech B McBama gave in Chicago 6 years ago. He said "I stand before you as someone who is not opposed to war in all circumstances." To back up this statement he has supported or proposed US intervention in Zimbabwe, Pakistan and Sudan (Darfur). B McBama’s running mate voted for US military intervention in Bosnia, Serbia and the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.

What we find is that those on the left are generally liberal interventionists (willing to use war to make “peace”) and those on the right are generally either neo-cons or “American interest” interventionists (willing to use war to protect the business interests of Americans).

Whatever the first word, the second word is still interventionist. These politicians think that we are so much better or smarter than the rest of the world that we can solve their problems by force or deserve to solve ours by forcing them. These politicians will send our soldiers into other countries to fight other people’s wars. These politicians will send out soldiers into other countries to protect American investments. None of these things are right.

We need to tell our politicians to bring our boys home and keep them home. We don’t need to spend our blood keeping oil prices low. And we don’t need to spend it stopping some foreign civil war. It’s about time we minded our own business and let the rest of the world grow up enough to care for their own. So lets let the McBama's (and all the rest of our politicians) know that we don't want 4 more years of the same.